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Review by Shadow.Box

The Maximum Gaming Clan is a clan of true gamers. Men and women brought together for one single cause. That great purpose in their lives is that of true warriors, their stories will be heard for years to come. Their lives, battles, conquests is that of legend. These brave souls are the single greatest warriors in human history. This is their story . . .

In 1996 a few guys got together and started Freedom Clan. One of these guys is our leader and the deadlest member of the now Maximum Gaming Clan, Rod. His skills and leadership has brought together many warriors who have fought, won and fell in many epic battles. Some have stayed throughout the years and some have come and gone. But game night at MaxPC has always been held. For the last nine years every Saturday night there has been a game night. Even if it's just movie watching or messing around with computers, we the gamers of the Maximum Gaming Clan have been here.

For those of you that are new to the Maximum Gaming Clan we are here at the Maximum PC, Inc. computer shop in Joaquin, TX every Saturday night. We are here defending the forces of good or... defeating the forces of good ;) Our game night starts at around 8 pm (CST) and doesn't end until we feel like going home. So, if you feel like your up to the challenge and live in the East Texas, North West Lousiana area feel free to come up to the shop and join in on GAME NIGHT.

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